Contract Address: 0xD22E09e54Dee0c0dE6cc0aC142F3F1419da0c24E

LFGain$ Vision

We are bringing you 10% Automatic BNB Rewards every 30 minutes going directly into your wallet, additionally you can check your earnings using our Rewards Dashboard, there's only one way to describe it, LFG!

We Don’t Just Make Promises, We Deliver

  • Automatic BNB after every 30 minutes

  • A superb team behind this to deliver marketing, design and development

  • Thriving community and growing investors to increase Liquidity and Reward



  • LP Locked for 2 Years
  • Zero Dev Wallet
  • TechRate Audit Applied


  • 11.5 Trillion Total Supply
  • 8.5 Trillion Circulation
  • 5% Marketing Wallet
  • Rest Burnt
  • 16% Total Tax


  • Automatic BNB Rewards
  • Gradual Buy-Backs & Burns
  • Reward Dashboard
  • Thriving Community

LFGain$ Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim my reward?

You do not need to claim your reward manually, it will be automatically sent to your wallet after every reward cycle which is every 30 minutes. You can view information about your rewards through our dashboard. dashboard.

How often do I receive rewards?

You will receive your rewards approximately every 30 minutes, that is seriously good wouldn’t you say – oh yeah, LFGain$!

What is the reward pool?

The reward pool contains the total accumulation of BNB that come from the 10% tax applied by the contract. The reward pool increases whenever a transaction is made and decreases whenever a user claims their share.

Why is my reward less/more that it was yesterday?

The amount of BNB you receive depends on the amount of LFGain$ tokens you own and the size of the reward pool. Since the reward pool constantly changes in size by people receiving their rewards and taxes being applied, the amount you receive also changes accordingly.

How can I buy LFGain$ Token?

We are planning to do a public presale (no private sale) with Dxsale, once presale is complete we will deploy to Pancakeswap.

What is the recommended amount of slippage I should use when buying LFGain$ tokens through PancakeSwap?

Please wait for instructions as we haven’t done presale yet so the coin isn’t available through pancakeswap.

Is liquidity locked and for how long?

Liquidity is locked for 2 years to guarantee a rug free trading.

Do you have any other wallets with holdings?

We only have a 5% Marketing wallet, other than that there is zero dev wallet and no other wallets as all have been burnt.